Innovations in Interviewing: Modernising the Accountancy Hiring Process

The accountancy profession is rapidly adopting new technologies to streamline recruiting and hiring. Video interviewing is one innovation that promises to benefit both employers and candidates in the accountancy job market.

For employers, video interviews allow for more efficient screening of applicants. Rather than coordinating live interviews around busy schedules, hiring managers can view and evaluate video responses at their convenience. This saves time and speeds up the hiring process.

At the same time, video interviews create flexibility and reduce stress for candidates. Instead of taking time off work for interviews, applicants can record responses at home on their own schedule. The more relaxed setting leads to better performance and opportunities for candidates to shine.

As video interviewing technology improves, some foresee even more advanced capabilities on the horizon. Eventually, artificial intelligence may be able to analyse video and text responses to assess candidates' skills, experience levels, and fit for specific roles. This could further optimise and target screening.

However, even as technology evolves, the accountancy field should not lose sight of the human element in hiring. No matter how efficient the initial screening process becomes, recruiting still requires building personal relationships and clearly communicating with candidates. Technology is a tool for improvement, not a substitute for human judgment and interaction.

The most balanced approach combines smart use of innovations like video interviewing with plentiful two-way dialogue and honest feedback. This creates the best experience for candidates, setting the tone for an open and communicative workplace culture. By thoughtfully modernising and personalizing the hiring process, the accountancy profession can access top talent and set new employees up for success.

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